Three Reasons To Consider Using A Card Access Control System For Your Business's Security

If you are ready to upgrade your security system from a wired alarm system with regular keys for door locks to something more robust and effective, you should give strong consideration to a card access control system. There are many reasons to switch to this type of security. The following are a few of them.

Card access controls are very secure

Unlike a key, no one is going to pick the lock, and if someone loses a key, you don't have to spend the money to change the locks. And if there are multiple doors that can be opened with the same key, changing all of these locks and issuing new keys can be expensive. However, if someone loses their card, you can simply deny access to that card. This is easily done with software control over the locks and the particular magnetic code associated with the card.

You don't need to have separate keys to control door access

With this type of card, you can control which cards have access to any particular door. This is much different from a key. If a key opens the door, then issuing that same key to another means they will have access to the same door with that same lock configuration. If you have many employees and there are various levels of security access that you want to allow, you will have many keys and many door locks. But with cards, you can control which card is allowed access to which door. This is achieved with a centralized server and has the great advantage of assigning various levels of security access based upon the individual employee.

A wireless card access system is easily expanded

Since the locks are controlled by a server, not only can multiple doors be controlled in a single building, but this can be expanded to other buildings with the use of a web-based control system. Every lock on every door can be controlled from a central location. Cards can be denied access, given greater access or restricted access. And because this is a web-based control system, the location for controlling the entire security of every building and every door can be accomplished easily from any place you choose.

This type of technology for security has become extremely popular in the business world, especially with buildings that have many doors. They are much more secure than mechanical locks that use physical keys to open them. Cards can be assigned various levels of security and easily change to deny all access. All of the door locks can be controlled by a central server and monitored. In addition, a web-based system can be created to go beyond a WiFi range. Multiple locks in several buildings can be controlled in a single location.

For more information about card access control systems, contact a security system service.

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