Have You Secured These 5 Interior Elements Of Your Company Site?

As a business owner or manager, you know that all precaution needs to be taken to lock the exterior doors and windows of your business. After all, you wouldn't want anyone uninvited to gain access to your property. But have you properly locked these five valuable interior portions of your business?

1. Anything With Money. Where do you keep or process cash and credit cards within your business? If you have cashiers, cash drawers, petty cash boxes, or point-of-sale transaction devices, are these properly stored within a locked closet or cabinet? Appropriately protecting even small dollar amounts makes your company a less appealing target for thieves because it signals good security for higher amounts as well. 

2. Management Areas. While you don't want employees to feel unwelcome within the offices or departments devoted to management activities, sensitive information likely abounds, and confidential conversations happen there. Even if you have an 'open door' policy during work hours, ensure that management areas are securely locked when management is not in them. 

3. High-Value Inventory. How is your inventory stored? Because inventory materials are often stored in bulk and rotate regularly, loss within this area can be easy to miss. If you lose some screws, this probably isn't worth investing in security over. But if your inventory includes valuable metals that are often in demand, technology, devices, or dangerous substances, they should be secured at all times. 

4. Sensitive Departments. Which of your employees work on sensitive projects or handle company secrets? This might include anyone working on undisclosed new projects or products, the internal accounting department, or engineering staff. If your business could be harmed by information that got out of a department, it should have some layer of added security even within the company.

5. Personally Identifiable Information. Throughout your company, you likely have a variety of pieces of personally identifiable information. This includes anything that could positively identify a customer, employee, or individual vendor. Look for records that include names, addresses, phone numbers, Social Security numbers, salary information, buying history, or private conversations. Lock up these records at all times and beef up cyber security around them. 

Are all these potential trouble spots well-secured in your business? In these uncertain times, every company must take whatever steps are necessary to avoid risk, loss, and litigation.  If you're not sure or want to improve in any area, consult with a locksmith from a company like A-A Lock & Alarm Inc today. 

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