Ward Off Thieves This Holiday Season

With the holiday season heading this way, there will be plenty of caroling, holiday lights, and presents. Unfortunately, there will also be a rise in crime between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day, according to statistics. Most of the theft and burglaries are a result of financial stress during the holiday season and more people traveling. With so much going on during the holiday season, it is very easy to get distracted and leave yourself vulnerable to attacks. In an effort to ensure that your home is not invaded, you have to remain guarded. If you feel like you could be better protected, then here are a few tips to help you add some security to your home. 

Don't Leave Gifts Left Out

It can be pretty rewarding to have the tree up and presents all around it before the big day. Unfortunately, if thieves are nearby and see these gifts surrounding your Christmas tree, they will be more enticed to burglarize your homes. In an effort to not attract thieves, you want to leave any presents out of sight from windows and doors. This way, if anyone is looking through the windows, they won't be attracted by the shiny presents. Even if your gifts are wrapped up, thieves can still go in your trash to check out leftover packaging. Be careful about throwing out boxes. This is an easy advertisement to all your neighbors and people passing by showing what you just bought.

Make Your Home Look Occupied

During the holidays, more people tend to travel in order to visit friends and family. When leaving your home, you have less control over who is coming around. Thieves are good about checking for signs that your house is vacant. If you have mail or newspapers overflowing, then thieves can easily see that you are not home. You want to make sure the house looks vacant even when you plan to be gone for a while. You can do this by keeping a few lights on, parking cars in the driveway, and having a trusted person get your mail and newspapers. Additionally, you want to be very careful about posting photos and other information about your trip on social media. 

Repel Thieves From the House

When putting decorations up outside the home, you want to make sure you do not leave ladders outside. This could give thieves a way to enter your home through an upper level. On top of that, you want to install movement sensors on your home that trigger a light to go off when it detects movement around the house. With nighttime starting earlier during this time of year, it can be difficult to see strangers roaming around your house. 

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