Security To Use With Your Tiny House Trailer

Small homes or tiny trailers are the newest trend in affordable living. These small houses on wheels can be transported to use in campgrounds or on your own small parcel of land. The risk of robbery is high when you are dealing with a home that can be easily moved. Here are some security measures you can take to safeguard your own tiny home.

Use Physical Restraints

If you move your home around via truck or RV, you most likely have it attached via a trailer hitch. Consider purchasing a locking hitch to give your home a bit more security. These are constructed of a metal encasement that completely covers the hitch portion on your tiny house, making the home unable to be placed upon any trailer without opening the hitch encasement beforehand. Locking wheels are another way to keep thieves from pulling away your home via another vehicle.

Place The Home On Blocks

If you are going to be staying in one area for a bit, placing your small home on top of blocks will slow down the efforts of thieves from taking your house away. This also allows the home to feel more like a home that rests on a foundation as it gives it some stability. Thieves will need to bring along extra tools to get your home off of the blocks, making it a less desirable target.

Use Standard Security Equipment

Place a few motion-activated lights around your small house to make a potential thief think someone is inside, even if you are not. They will be less apt to try to steal in the brightness of a light as someone could be viewing their theft without being seen. Place an alarm system in the home to scare off robbers as well. Even if you do not have a dog, a "Beware Of Dog" sign will work wonders in stopping thieves from trying to gain entry to a home.

Create The Illusion Of Presence

If you need to leave your small home on a plot of land where you are worried about break-ins, make the home appear to be lived in even if you are not inside. Set automatic light timers both inside and out to change the lights that are lit every day or so. Leave your television or a radio on inside so someone coming to the home will think someone is inside. If you are in and out of the home, give a wave to it when you must leave. This will throw off robbers who may be watching without your knowledge into thinking someone is still inside after you leave.

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