Don't Open The Door And Keep Dangerous Home Intruders Out

Home invasions are among the most frightening of all criminal acts. Since these intrusions entail a direct confrontation with the occupants, things can turn violent quickly. To keep unwanted intruders out, property owners invest heavily in home security alarm security systems, from a company like Digital Security. Sadly, people lulled into thinking daylight hours are safe will answer a knock on the door without a second thought. There are better and safer ways to deal with an unexpected guest at the front door.

Be Suspicious of Knocks on the Door

Mostly everyone knows it is wise not answer an unexpected knock on a door late at night. Not everyone realizes answering a door during daytime hours plays right into a home invader's hands. Experienced criminals rely on someone to open a door expecting to see a neighbor or a delivery person. Once that door opens, a home invader can force entry inside.

Look from Different Angles

Never take a knock on the door for granted, and always double-check to confirm who is on the other side. In addition to having a peephole installed on the door, look through the blinds on an adjacent window. The peephole reveals what is directly in front of the door. Looking sideways from a slit in the window blinds makes it possible to see who may be hiding off to the side.

Note Something Out of the Ordinary

Not opening the door for a plainclothes stranger is an easy concept to grasp. A delivery person or utility worker ringing the doorbell, however, won't draw suspicion. Still, if anything appears strange about this unexpected guest, don't open the door. Is the delivery person accompanied by a truck double-parked on the street? Is the utility worker dressed in a proper uniform or only wearing a hardhat? Again, if something does not seem right, ignore the visitor and keep the door closed and locked.

Set Off the Wall Panel

If you mistakenly open the door and one or more intruders tries to break in, act quickly to trip the home security alarm system. Wireless or hardwired alarms should may be tripped right from their panel on the wall. Other occupants of the home should be drilled to rush to the wall panel and hit the alarm the second an intruder forces his/her way inside or family member screams out a "red alert" code word.

Push the Home Automation Button

Invest a little extra into connecting the alarm system to a home automation setup. The alarm should also be connecting to a home automation device. Carry the home automation remote control with you when heading to the door. Be ready to flip the alarm switch the minute something goes wrong. This provides a backup when someone else is unable to get to the wall panel or if you are alone in the home.

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