The Construction Of Fire Hoses

Having water to put on a fire is one thing; but, if you don't have a way to get that water to the fire, you might as well have nothing. More than that, you want a way to direct the water at the place in the fire you want it to go. That's where fire hoses come in. You're always happy to see a firefighter come running with a hose to put out a fire. But, do you know what the construction of that hose is like?


The jacket of the hose is the outer layer of the hose. In almost every case, the jacket is designed to keep the water running through the hose from leaking out of the hose. The one exception would be the hoses that are used for wild or forest fires. They are made so that they will leak or weep a little when they are under pressure from the water running through them. Tha feature is used as a way to protect the hoses from any embers that are flying around or laying on the ground that could otherwise hurt the hoses. 

The jacket used to be made up of cotton. However, these days it's usually made up of synthetic materials, such as nylon or polyester. These materials are used because they can stand up to the heavy-duty use that fire hoses go through. In addition, the fibers may be coated in chemicals that can protect the hose from breaking down due to things like UV rays. The finished jacket may also be coated in those chemicals. 

Inner Lining

The inner lining is what actually holds the water as it runs through the hose. The liners are generally made out of a high-grade plastic which can stand up to the pressure that the water will put on the liner. Usually the liner and the jacket are two separate pieces, but they are connected in several places. One reason for them to be separate pieces is that it's easier for the hoses to collapse for storage and for them to expand during usage. If the hoses were unable to collapse, there wouldn't be enough roon in the trucks to carry enough hose to actually work on fires. 

Fire hoses are probably the most important part of the firefighting equipment. When you have a fire, you want the firefighters to come with the right hoses so that they can get the water where it needs to go. For more information, talk to a professional like Alexander Gow Fire Equipment Company.

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