Making The Best Use Of Security Resources For Your Retail Business

If you are a retail store owner or manager, loss prevention is likely one of your main concerns. Unfortunately, some businesses have security measures and resources available to deter theft, but many do not properly use them. Perhaps it has been awhile since you took the time to evaluate how secure your business is. The following are key areas you can address that may help deter theft. 


Your employees are your first line of defense against shoplifting. Consider having an employee at the entrance and exit of the store with the specific task of greeting shoppers. The presence of a greeter can thwart theft because shoplifters know they will have to pass an employee on their way out of the store. Also, have "float staff" available. These employees move throughout the store completing various tasks, and they should also be trained to watch for suspicious activity since they are not confined to working in one area of the store. 

Security Guard

If you do not have the budget to hire a security guard in-house, consider hiring one from a third-party. You may also live in a jurisdiction that allows business owners to pay a fee to their local government for a police officer to be present on the premises. These measures can thwart theft because shoplifters will know that trained professionals are protecting your merchandise. This can also protect your employees, and honest shoppers may feel more comfortable shopping at your location. 


It is a good idea to consider upgrading the mirrors in your establishment if they are not convex-styled mirrors. These types of mirrors will allow your employees to be able to see "blind-spots," which is ideal to thwart shoplifters who aim to find areas in stores that are easier for them conceal merchandise. 

Video Surveillance

You likely have a video surveillance system in your store, but many store owners have outdated equipment. This can cause issues if you need to prosecute a shoplifter. If your equipment does not record in HD quality, you should seriously consider upgrading. Another area of concern with video surveillance is the storage format used. If you are still relying on storage media to save recordings, consider transitioning to a cloud-based storage solution, which will ensure that all recordings are stored safely away from your business and not at risk for getting damaged, stolen or lost.

Security System

Outdated security systems are a huge risk factor for retail businesses. You can use the other resources mentioned and still suffer a loss if you do not have an up-to-date security system. For example, shoplifters attempt to do their crimes during business hours, but burglars and people involved in organized crime may target your business during closing or after business hours. A security system that monitors your property 24 hours a day can aid in preventing burglaries or ensuring burglars do not get away with taking your merchandise. 

A commercial security system company like A Tech / Easy Living Store is a good resource to use to determine areas of vulnerability in your retail store. You can use their advice to make the appropriate upgrades, or increase your staff as needed. For example, you may receive advice to hire more employees or security personnel during the holiday season to reduce the chances of shoplifters bypassing security measures due to your store being crowded and busy. 

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